[Firstname Lastname] (born [Date Month Year] in [City, Country]) is a [Nationality] footballer who plays for [club] [and the [nation] national team] as a [position].

Club career Edit

[Club 1] Edit


[Club 2] Edit

[text, etc.]

International career Edit


Career statistics Edit

As of [date month year]

Club statistics
Club Season League Cup [continent] Total
[Club 1] [Year] [League] 00000000
[Club 2] [Year] [League] 00000000
Example 2028–29 Premier League 362941624632
2029-30 Premier League 2112741183924
2030-31 Premier League 2116521183726
Career total 00000000


International statistics
National Team Year Apps Goals
[nation] [year]00

Honours Edit

Club Edit

[Club 1] Edit

[list of honours at Club 1]

[Club 2] Edit

[list of honours at Club 2, etc.]

International Edit

[list of honours earned w/ international team]

Individual Edit

[list of individual awards/honours earned]

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